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An Oasis Cover Band Played a Gig Friday Night. Three Days Later, They Finally Left the Building

Noasis, alongside over 50 patrons and staff, were stranded at a remote pub in Yorkshire, England after heavy snowfall

The Tan Hill Inn after a snowfall in March 2020.

Danny Lawson/PA Images/Getty

UPDATE (30/11): The large majority of the people trapped at a pub in Yorkshire, England — including an Oasis cover band — were finally able to leave Monday evening, Nov. 29. Nicola Townsend, manager for the Tan Hill told The New York Times only two guests were left and that they would just be staying one more night until they were more confident to drive on the roads. Despite the surreal ordeal, Townsend added that goodbyes were poignant: “We’ve had such a good time meeting new friends, getting to know new people.”

On Facebook, Noasis declared they had officially “left the building!” They added: “Thanks to everyone for your messages of support, thanks to everyone for the camaraderie within the venue. Thanks to Mike, Nicola the venue manager and her wonderful staff for looking after us all and thanks to Kendal mountain rescue for all of their assistance. If we’ve forgotten anyone then a big thank you to you too!”


It’s been three days and no one’s been around to save them — an Oasis cover band, along with a group of staff and patrons, have been stuck at a pub in Yorkshire, England since last Friday following heavy snowfall in the area.

The exits at the Tan Hill Inn, per The New York Times, were largely blocked by piles of snow as high as three feet, while the roads remain hard to traverse. Making matters more difficult, the Tan Hill Inn is in a fairly remote location, sitting atop the Pennine Moors in Yorkshire Dales National Park (it even has the distinction of being Britain’s highest pub, situated 1,732 feet above sea level).

At least 61 people who braved the weather to see the Oasis cover band, Noasis, wound up stranded at the Tan Hill Inn, though that number has since dwindled to about 50. (Off-roaders were able to help some parents return to their children, while a mountain rescue group aided a man who needed medical treatment for an “ongoing condition.”) And while a passing snowplow allowed a few others to escape, the Inn’s manager, Nicola Townsend, said a downed power line was blocking the road leading out of the pub. 

Noasis — which has embraced its new nickname, “Snowasis” — offered an update on the situation Monday morning, writing on Facebook, “The roads are still very icy and the main road is still shut, it’s not gritted or ploughed yet as those vehicles have to get past the downed power lines. No way we are leaving here until at least late afternoon they say — if at all today!”

As for accommodations, the Tan Hill Inn does have a handful of guest rooms, plus space outside for campers and RVs, but many of those stranded have been sleeping on sofas and mattresses in the pub’s lounge. To pass the time, the group has kept busy with pub quizzes, puzzles, movies (such as Grease and Mamma Mia!), and even a bit of karaoke (fittingly, Townsend noted, people have been singing a lot of Oasis). Townsend also noted there’s no risk of running out of food as the Inn stocks up for the winter (a group was even previously stranded at the Tan Hill Inn on New Year’s Day 2010). 

“Last night they had a singsong karaoke,” Tan Hill Inn co-owner, Mike Kenny, told The Yorkshire Post. “Even Noasis did a few acoustic numbers. They are tremendous people and are mucking in like everyone else.”

Luckily, it seems no one’s gotten cabin fever, or even grown sick of “Wonderwall” (no official count on how many times it’s been sung or played over the past three days, but one has to assume more than once). In fact, Townsend said the stranded strangers have not only been considerate with each other but helped keep the Inn tidy and started a small collection fund for the staff. There’s even talk of getting everyone back together again next year for a reunion.

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