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Nick Murphy Announces the Official Return of Chet Faker

With Nick Murphy reviving his Chet Faker project, the news comes alongside a signing to BMG, and the promise of a new single.

Image of Chet Faker

Nick Murphy has revived his Chet Faker moniker, with a new single set to arrive this week.


More than six months after the release of his second album under his birth name, Melbourne’s Nick Murphy is set to once again return to his Chet Faker moniker, formally announcing the revival of this project today.

First appearing on the scene close to a decade ago, Murphy launched the project which bore his more famous name soon afterwards, and released his debut EP, Thinking in Textures, in 2013. Following the release of his chart-topping, multi-ARIA Award-winning album, Built on Glass, and an EP with English producer Marcus Marr, Murphy announced that he would be retiring his stage name in favour of something more familiar.

“Its [sic] been half a decade since I started releasing music as Chet Faker and all of you have been the driving force behind the music since,” he explained in 2016. “Theres [sic] an evolution happening and I wanted to let you know where its [sic] going. The next record will be under my own name, Nick Murphy. Chet Faker will always be a part of the music.”

Now, four years on from this announcement, and with two records appearing in-between, Nick Murphy has announced he will once again release music under Chet Faker.

The news comes alongside the announcement of Murphy joining the BMG Australia & New Zealand roster, which already boasts the likes of Dope Lemon, Dune Rats, Hockey Dad, CHAII, Julia Stone and Tim Minchin on their roster.

“For Nick Murphy to bring the Chet Faker project back to life and trust the BMG team in his home market to execute this surprise return is a great honour,” explained Heath Johns, Managing Director for BMG Australia & New Zealand.

“Nick has delivered a Chet Faker track with decade-defining potential and we will deliver creatively with trademark BMG Australia innovation while ensuring that Nick owns his own masters and has complete creative control – once again demonstrating to Australia’s best artists that these concepts need not be mutually exclusive.”

As Johns alluded to, the return to the Chet Faker project comes accompanied by a new single – Murphy’s first under this name in almost five years – set to arrive on Friday, October 2nd, with more to follow in the near future.