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Nick Cave Is Being Turned Into a Valentine’s Day Figurine

The Aussie music icon has once again been commemorated as a vinyl figurine, with his 1994 track “Loverman” serving as the inspiration for the recent design.

Inspired by his sinister "Loverman", Nick Cave has been turned into the most conflicting Valentine's Day gift ever.

Plasticgod; Nasty Little Man/Matthew Thorne

If you’ve been wanting to spoil your loved one with the dark, brooding brilliance of Nick Cave, you’re in luck, with the Aussie legend being turned into a Valentine’s Day figurine.

When Nick Cave first entered the Australian music scene back in the ’70s, fans of The Boys Next Door (and later, The Birthday Party) would likely have never foreseen the future that lay in store for this enigmatic figure. Renowned for frantic live shows and passionate delivery, his founding of The Bad Seeds in the early ’80s gave rise to a collection of beloved tunes that would go on to enter the Aussie musical history books.

Add in collaborations with the likes of Kylie Minogue and PJ Harvey, and look at the heartfelt beauty of tracks like “Into My Arms”, and you’ve got a musician who has always defied expectations.

However, very few would have assumed that in 2015, the musical mastermind would be turned into something of an action figure, with the folks at Plasticgod crafting five figurines of Cave’s likeness based upon his famous songs.

Featuring renderings of Cave in the style of “Red Right Hand”, “Tupelo”, “Into My Arms”, “The Ship Song”, and “Babe, You Turn Me On”, each figure was limited to just 200, and quickly became a collector’s item. Now, Cave is set to once again be immortalised in plastic.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Plasticgod have designed a new figurine, with Cave stylised in the vein of his 1994 song, “Loverman”. A foreboding song, the item itself seemingly follows in the track’s sinister inspiration, with the design featuring a seemingly two-faced Cave with a heart emblazoned on his chest.

If you’re eager to pick up your own version of the doll, they’re on sale for $75 USD from the Plasticgod site, and are limited to just 500.