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Electronic Pioneer Mort Garson Gets Four More Album Reissues

Sacred Bones will reissue the albums of the late Canadian composer, known for his plant music masterpiece Plantasia

Following last year’s reissue of the plant music masterpiece Plantasia, Sacred Bones will reissue four more albums from electronic pioneer Mort Garson.

On November 6th, the label will reissue Didn’t You Hear OST (1970), Lucifer’s Black Mass (1971), Ataraxia’s The Unexplained (1975) and Music From Patch Cord Productions, a collection of unreleased recordings from the late Canadian composer’s archives. You can hear the whimsical “This Is My Beloved” from the collection above.

In addition, Sacred Bones will also reissue a two-LP “audiophile edition” of Plantasia, his 1976 album made entirely on a Moog synthesizer for plants. It was part of the plant music genre of the Seventies but lived in obscurity for decades until Sacred Bones’ recent reissue.

Garson’s music for Skip Sherwood’s 1970 film Didn’t You Hear (featuring a young Gary Busey) marked one of the first all-electronic film scores but went out of print following the film’s release. Released under the moniker Lucifer, 1971’s Black Mass consists of synthesizer interpretations of the occult — from witchcraft to exorcism to the Satanic Black Mass.

Garson, who died in 2008, continued to explore the supernatural on 1975’s The Unexplained, delving into Tarot, seances and astral projection under the name Ataraxia. Music From Patch Cord Productions contains alternate takes of Plantasia, music for never-aired radio advertisements, themes for science fiction films and more, with liner notes by Andy Beta.

You can preorder each reissue here.