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Molly Payton Hits the Gas with ‘Accelerate’

The indie rock anthem is a roaring ode to freedom and living without holding back

Molly Payton


Molly Payton has just dropped her latest single, “Accelerate”.

The urgent indie rock anthem serves as a driving, roaring ode to freedom and living without holding back. 

Following the success of her previous single “Asphalt” last year, “Accelerate” is also set to be included on the London-based, New Zealand-born artist’s upcoming debut album, co-produced by Payton herself. Fans can expect the album to drop later this year.

“Accelerate” captures the lively and spirited feel Payton wanted to convey in her album.

“Near the end of recording the album I started to feel like there was something missing on the record. I had dealt with a lot of heavier parts of what I’ve been through in the last few years but I hadn’t fully captured all the chaos and fun that I’d had aswell,” she says. 

“I just wanted to write something fun and not take myself too seriously and accelerate was the answer to that. It’s a driving, roaring song about setting yourself free and diving headfirst into things without worrying too much about the consequences.” 

“Accelerate” and “Asphalt” mark Payton’s first releases since “Bandits”, a collaboration with close friend Oscar Lang. She’s previously dropped a string of impressive EPs over the last few years, including MessPorcupineCompromise, as well as the mini-album Slack.

On the live circuit, Payton has showcased her talent at Auckland’s BIG FAN as part of Live Nation and Vodafone’s Ones to Watch series back in 2023, followed by a series of live shows and festival appearances in her native New Zealand.

Recently, Payton featured on Georgia Lines’ popular music web series, INTROS, where she was described as a “thoughtful singer-songwriter who cites timeless talents such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Neil Young as major songwriting influences. You can watch the full episode here

Molly Payton’s Accelerate” is out now.