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Missy Higgins Is Ready for Her Second Act, Announces New Album

Higgins describes her new album as “a kind of sequel” to ‘The Sound of White’

Missy Higgins

Tajette O'Halloran

Missy Higgins is ready for her second act.

The iconic singer-songwriter has announced her first full-length studio album in six years, The Second Act, which will be released on Friday, September 6th.

That release date will fall 20 years to the day since the release of Higgins’ first album, The Sound of White, convenient since she describes The Second Act as being “a kind of sequel” to her seminal debut record.

“I wrote all those songs on the first album when I was in my late teens when I never thought anyone would hear them, so they were very personal, like I was writing my secrets in a diary,” Higgins explains. “I did less of that on later albums for lots of reasons but lately I realised I’d gone back to that confessional mode of songwriting.

“I guess it’s been my way of dealing with the end of my marriage. So, I feel like I’ve come full circle… I was starting life from scratch at 20 and now, like lots of people, I’m figuring out how to start life all over again at 40.”

Also arriving today is the title track, which Higgins says is about “picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and heading out into the world.” You can watch the music video below.

Higgins is currently on her “anniversary tour with a difference,” celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Sound of White at theatres around Australia.

The special show consists of a first set of brand-new songs and some fan favourites from her early career, all played in acoustic mode, followed by a second set featuring The Sound of White played in its entirety as well as a sprinkling of her other hits.

The Sound of White was one of the most successful debut albums in Australian history, receiving six ARIA Awards, and it also influenced a number of major female Australian artists including Gordi, Angie McMahon, and Amy Shark.

Missy Higgins’ The Second Act is out Friday, September 6th (pre-save/pre-order here).