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Missy Higgins Announces New Mini-Album, ‘Total Control’

Beginning as instrumentals written for the series of the same name, Missy Higgins shares a cover of The Motels’ “Total Control” as its lead single.


Almost four years on from her last full-length album, beloved Aussie icon Missy Higgins has today announced her forthcoming mini-album, Total Control.

Having unveiled a handful of new songs over the last few years (including “When the Machine Stars”, and “Carry You” from Tim Minchin’s Upright), Higgins hasn’t been too far from the minds and ears of local fans. More recently though, she’s found herself composing music for the critically-acclaimed ABC series, Total Control.

And with that, we find ourselves in the start of 2022, with Higgins announcing a new mini-album of the same name. Initially inspired by instrumental fragments that were composed to fit scenes for Total Control, these pieces soon grew, gaining lyrics, and evolving into full songs across the last two years.

One of these songs had already been released last year, with “Edge of Something” serving as the main promo for season two of the show. However, we’ve now received a new single by way of the mini-album’s title track; a cover of The Motels’ resonant 1979 track, “Total Control”.

Both “Total Control” and “Edge of Something” are set to appear on the six-track release when it arrives on March 4th.

Over the coming months, Higgins is also set to perform a number of live shows, including headline spots on two separate festivals, including Summersault, and the all-female Wildflower. Putting an end to a period of public stasis, 2022 already seems as though it’s going to be her year, with plenty already on the boil just mere weeks into the new calendar.

“Like lots of people I guess I’m trying to make up for lost time,” she explains. “The last two years made me realise how much I missed playing music for people so I want to get out there and do it while we all can. I’m not taking anything for granted anymore.”

Missy Higgins’ “Total Control” is out now, while the mini-album of the same name will be released on March 4th, with pre-orders available now.