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Mick Fleetwood Discusses Viral ‘Dreams’ TikTok, Eddie Van Halen’s Legacy

“Eddie Van Halen was a phenomenal, unique player beyond belief,” said the Fleetwood Mac drummer. “He had the magic.”

Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood called up Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM Show Andy Cohen Live to discus the viral TikTok video where skateboarder Nathan Apodaca glides down the street while chugging Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice and singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

“A lot of my kids are young and connected and it just seemed so apropos,” said the drummer, who joined TikTok so he could recreate the video himself. “It’s all about just people having an instant way of expressing [themselves]. And it just seems right across the board very, very much tied into free expression and having fun with it, which God knows we all need right now. We did it, not really knowing the end result, but supporting him. We know his story and everyone is sort of on that program. Certainly that’s why I got connected to it. So it’s just a really cool thing.”


♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

“Stevie [Nicks] wrote the song,” he continued. “She must be celebrating right now. And it’s great. It’s great to be connected unexpectedly. That’s what I think is so cool about this. It’s not all super planned and super anything. It’s just like, why not?”

Fleetwood and Cohen also discussed the death of Eddie Van Halen. The two musicians didn’t know each other well, but they did play together one night in the Nineties, when the guitarist guested with Fleetwood’s side project the Zoo. “Eddie was someone who could a grab any guitar and go,” he said. “It’s like Jimi Hendrix. They had a magical knack [where they could play] any old piece of nonsense guitar [and] suddenly [it] sounded good. He was a phenomenal, unique player beyond belief. He had the magic.”

Finally, Fleetwood talked about the possibility of a Fleetwood Mac biopic. “I’m surprised it hasn’t been done by now,” he says. “I think it would make a great story. It convolutes into love and great things, bad things, you know, sadness, joy. There are no direct plans for that to be happening, although it’s definitely always gone hot and cold on and off the boil during the last 10 years or so.”

Fleetwood Mac wrapped up their last tour in November 2019. Fleetwood has largely kept a low profile since that time, though in February he did stage an all-star tribute show to Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green in London. It featured an incredible lineup that included Steven Tyler, Noel Gallagher, David Gilmour, Kirk Hammett, Pete Townshend and John Mayall.

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