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Melanie C Announces New Album, Shares ‘In and Out of Love’

Self-titled eighth album will be out October 2nd

Melanie C has revealed that she’ll be releasing a self-titled studio album on October 2nd. To accompany her eighth solo LP announcement, the former Spice Girl shared a single, “In and Out of Love,” on Wednesday.

“It’s so brilliant to release a pure pop, upbeat, positive fun tune. I think it’s exactly what the world needs right now!” Melanie C said of the song. The choreography-filled music video, directed by Graham Cruz, was filmed at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Melanie C will arrive nearly 21 years to the day after Melanie C’s debut solo album, Northern Star. She previously released the singles “Who I Am” in March and “High Heels” this past November. Melanie C reunited with her former Spice Girls for a 2019 reunion tour (sans Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham).

In Rolling Stone‘s The First Time video series, Melanie C discussed her first time being recognized on the street as Sporty Spice, the experience of meeting her personal hero Madonna and the emotions of performing onstage.

“I don’t remember the very first time I cried to a song, [but] I cried a lot onstage,” she said. “Often when I see other people’s reactions — to the song that you’re singing, and obviously you see what it means to them — that can often make me cry. Which is a pain, because crying and singing don’t really work well together. That’s my excuse for any bad vocals — I was totes emosh.”

From Rolling Stone US