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Matt Corby Releases Surprise New Single, ‘Vitamin’

Matt Corby is on a roll, with “Vitamin” serving as a double A-side along with last week’s “If I Never Say a Word”.

Press image of Matt Corby

Matt Corby has just released the surprise single "Vitamin", his second new track in under a week.

Matt Johnson*

Not even a week on from his first new solo single in two years, Matt Corby is at it again, sharing the surprise single “Vitamin” this morning.

It was just last Friday that Corby returned with “If I Never Say a Word”, his first new release of solo material since the release of his Rainbow Valley album in 2018. The single followed a few years of collaborations from Corby, who had worked with the likes of THE RIOT, Triple One, and most notably, Tash Sultana on “Talk It Out”.

Now, he’s back once again, utilising soulful vocals and a frenetic beat to deliver “Vitamin”, a track that was co-written and co-produced by Matthew Neighbour (The Avalanches, Missy Higgins) and Alex Henriksson, and serves as “a timely reminder of the value in finding the sun behind the clouds”.

“Vitamin’ is all about the things that stop you from seeing the big picture, what’s truly important and the people around you that make life great,” Corby explains. “That’s what we mean by vitamins. Where are your vitamins coming from?

“Most people operate in this quick fix, day by day kind of scrambling, and it’s really hard to stop and find all the value in your existence and really come up with cool ideas to make it better. For me, it’s something to strive for.”

While”If I Never Say a Word” emerged from sessions in lockdown, its fellow A-side “Vitamin” ostensibly came from the same period, with the rest of the year looking as uncertain for Corby as it does for all of us. Despite this, he states he’s planning to keep busy, embracing time in the studio, and producing tracks for THE RIOT and Budjerah, and co-producing Great Gable’s debut album, Tracing Faces.

“I’ll continue working on writing and recording new music, producing for other artists and hopefully we’ll get to tour when the time is right again in the future,” Corby explained.

Matt Corby’s “Vitamin” is out now via Island Records Australia, while a 7″ single with both of the tracks is available for pre-order now.