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Lucy Dacus Saves Valentine’s Day With ‘Kissing Lessons’

After posting fliers in several cities, singer-songwriter drops newest song

Days after Lucy Dacus teased fans by posting flyers in cities advertising a “Kissing Lessons” hotline, she’s finally dropped the track of the same name.

Complete with a video of a pre-teen dancing around her bedroom in a feather boa and killing time with a Gameboy, “Kissing Lessons” kicks off with a crunchy guitar riff and Dacus’ vocals. The track was recorded during the sessions for her recent album Home Video, a time capsule of the songwriter’s upbringing in Richmond, Virginia.

“Kissing Lessons” follows Dacus’ “Thumbs Again,” a full-band version of “Thumbs.” Both singles will be released as a seven-inch single, out June 3.

Dacus will be featured on Third Man’s upcoming Vault Package of Carole King in Central Park. The live 1973 show will be accompanied by her covers of “Home Again” and “It’s Too Late.” She’ll have a Central Park show of her own on July 21, with Hop Along serving as the opener. She’ll continue touring behind Home Video on Feb. 9.

From Rolling Stone US