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Lime Cordiale Continue Their Hot Streak With New Single, ‘Reality Check Please’

With eight ARIA Award nominations to their name, Lime Cordiale are refusing to slow down, sharing their latest track today.

Tim Swallow*

There’s no doubting that 2020 has been a banner year for Lime Cordiale (better known to their parents as Oli and Louis Leimbach), with the pair keeping up a hard-earned hot streak by way of their latest single, “Reality Check Please”.

Released today, the breezy new single is set to appear on the upcoming deluxe edition of their latest album, 14 Steps to A Better You, and sees the pair speaking the idea of ensuring a sense of perspective is kept throughout your everyday life.

“It’s sometimes hard to know who’s crazy these days,” Louis explains. “Is it me, or is it you? Maybe it’s them. Who’s not overwhelmed?! We’re overstimulated most of the time and the key to a reality check is having a break from it all.”

“That’s the 15th step to the album,” adds Oli. “The streets and venues might be empty but it’s overcrowded in our heads. You need to turn everything off in order to put it into perspective.”

This past year has arguably been a major turning point for Lime Cordiale, with a handful of singles released over the years leading them into 2020, which brought with it their second studio album, 14 Steps to A Better You. Upon its release in July, the record peaked atop the Australian charts, and went on to earn the Leimbach’s eight well-deserved ARIA Award nominations, including Best Group and Album of The Year.

On November 13th, Lime Cordiale will share a deluxe edition of their record, dubbed 14 Steps to A Better You (Relapse), and featuring six new tracks. These new tracks emerged from the unavoidable downtime of 2020, which saw the pair remain as prolific as ever despite their record earning them some well-deserved rest.

“It didn’t feel like we were writing for another album, these songs felt like unfinished business,” Oli explains of the deluxe edition. “We’re excited to be able to deliver six new ‘steps’ for those that didn’t feel fulfilled with the self-help guide we’d already given. For those that have relapsed, this one’s for you.”

Lime Cordiale’s “Reality Check Please” is out now, while 14 Steps to A Better You (Relapse) will be issued on November 13th, with pre-orders available now.