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Lime Cordiale Have Tall Poppy Syndrome on Their Minds

Lime Cordiale battle doubt on their first single of the year, ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Lime Cordiale

Aedan O'Donnell

Even the biggest bands struggle with doubt.

Lime Cordiale have released “Imposter Syndrome”, their first single of the year, and the song delivers an important message wrapped up in their typically upbeat rhythm.

“Imposter syndrome is something we deal with more and more each year,” the band say. “Even when we realise it’s something we’re struggling with, it’s hard to shake.

As the Leimbach brothers note, the greater the attention – and they’ve been getting a lot of it in recent times – the more susceptible to imposter syndrome they feel. According to them, it’s also a deeply Australian way of thinking.

“I think it’s pretty common for Australians as it often comes hand-in-hand with Tall Poppy Syndrome, a big part of Australian culture,” they add. “Australians love to cut each other down. Sometimes we wish we lived like the Americans… Lime Cordiale for next President!

“Anyway, we’re glad there’s a term for this feeling. If we can sing it loud, it makes it all a bit easier.”

Lime Cordiale have been quiet on the release front so far this year, instead focusing their efforts on touring. Following a tour of the UK and Ireland, they’ll embark on a huge North American tour next month, supported by Teenage Dads (more information here).

They’ve earned a relatively quiet 2023, with Lime Cordiale’s 2022 being one of the biggest years of their career to date. They released Cordi Elba, a well-received collaboration with Hollywood actor and DJ Idris Elba. Two of the record’s songs – “Apple Crumble” and “What’s Not to Like” – placed well on the triple j Hottest 100 at #14 and #41 respectively.

Last year also saw the band drop a trio of new singles, ‘Colin”, “Country Club” and “Facts of Life”, which are all set to feature on their upcoming third studio album alongside “Imposter Syndrome”.

Lime Cordiale’s “Imposter Syndrome” is out now.