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Lil Nas X’s ‘Maury’ Video Collaboration Features a Proposal, Paternity Test, More Drama

Conclusion to storyline made for “entertainment purposes” is as bonkers as expected

Lil Nas X and Maury have collaborated on a segment made for “entertainment purposes,” which was based on the storyline in the rapper’s “That’s What I Want” video. In a trailer preceding the release of the full video on Wednesday, Montero, aka Lil Nas X, finds out his boyfriend Yai Ariza is married to a woman named Ashley who doesn’t know about the affair. Ashley has a four-year-old child named Noah, and it’s also unclear whether Ariza is the father.

In the new 20-minute-plus episode about their “unbelievable love triangle,” as the host Maury Povich describes it, the involved parties home in on their acting skills to create a pretty spot-on take of the tabloid show’s drama and fight-filled typical fodder.

During the segment entitled “Leave Your Wife for Me Today … That’s What I Want,” Montero reveals to Ashley that her husband has been dating him. She calls him a homewrecker. Ariza admits he’s confused: he says loves his family, but that he wants to be with Montero. Things heat up with a paternity suit, denials of cheating, lie detector tests, a proposal, and more chaos that leads to a perspective change. Sometimes what you think you want is not actually what you want at all.

From Rolling Stone US