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Lil Nas X Performs ‘Elmo’s Song’ on ‘Sesame Street’ Late-Night Show

‘Not-Too-Late Show’ premiered this week with the launch of HBO Max

With the launch of HBO Max, Elmo has received his very own Sesame Street spinoff on the new streaming platform. It’s called The Not-Too-Late Show, a sendup of late-night talk shows, and one of Elmo’s first guests this week was rapper and star Lil Nas X.

“Welcome to the show!” Elmo said as Nas walked out on a stage reminiscent of The Tonight Show. Nas introduced himself as someone who likes to “rap, sing, and write all kind of music. But there’s one song I’ve always wanted to sing.” Turns out, that song is “Elmo’s Song,” and the two dueted on a pop rendition that featured the Not-Too-Late Show‘s house band and a healthy dose of Auto-Tune on Nas’ vocals.

Aside from this taped recording of the show, Nas has made a few public appearances since COVID-19 stay-at-home orders stalled much of the entertainment industry in March. The rapper co-headlined a four-hour livestream fundraiser for pandemic relief via the Shein phone app, alongside Katy Perry, and he was one of the featured commencement speakers for Facebook’s #Graduation 2020 virtual event, honoring high school and college graduates who were unable to attend in-person ceremonies this May.