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Beloved Kev Carmody Tribute Album to Be Reissued with Extra Songs

The new edition of Cannot Buy My Soul will feature Mo’Ju, Birdz, Alice Skye, Courtney Barnett, Jimmy Barnes, and more singing the songs of Kev Carmody.


13 years after it was originally released, the Kev Carmody tribute album Cannot Buy My Soul is set to be reissued with an extra disc of new recordings next month.

First issued in 2007, Cannot Buy My Soul served as a musical tribute to the iconic Carmody, a Murri singer/songwriters who has long remained one of the country’s most prominent and respected Indigenous musicians.

In addition to appearances from the likes of Paul Kelly (who co-wrote his iconic 1993 protest anthem, “From Little Things Big Things Grow”), the package included covers from artists such as The Drones, John Butler, Archie Roach, Steve Kilbey, Dan Sultan, The Waifs, and more.

A powerful compilation, the collection – which also included a disc of Carmody’s originals – peaked at #31 on the ARIA charts, and was recognised as one of the 100 Best Australian Albums in the book of the same name.

Now, 13 years on, the record is set to be re-released across a number of different versions, with new covers from the likes of Courtney Barnett, Kasey Chambers and Jimmy Barnes, Mo’Ju, and Electric Fields.

Chambers and Barnes begin the new edition of the compilation via their rendition of “Black Bess”, while Mo’Ju, Trials, and Birdz offer their take on “Rider In The Rain”. Alice Skye takes on “Blue You”, while Electric Fields reinvent “From Little Things Big Things Grow”.

Meanwhile, Kate Miller-Heidke and Courtney Barnett close out the new edition with their respective covers of “Blood Red Rose” and “Just For You”.

The new edition will see a CD version released featuring the six new covers and their corresponding originals issued on the first disc, while the digital release will see all originals and covers collected on seperate “discs”. Finally, the tribute will also be released on vinyl for the first time, collecting only the cover versions.

To celebrate the release of the new compilation, visualisers for the new versions of “Rider In The Rain” and “Black Bess” have been released online, and are viewable above.

Cannot Buy My Soul: 2020 Edition is set to be released on August 21st via EMI Recorded Music.