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Kerser Gives Fans a Parting Gift With His Final Album

Kerser set out to make “the greatest Australian rap release ever” with ‘A Gift & A Kers’



A true Australian rap icon, Kerser was always going to sign off with a fiery final album.

Kerser released A Gift & A Kers, his 10th and final album, last week, consistently firing over 20 sonically diverse tracks.

The rapper took his time making the album, recording the tracks over three years instead of within his usual self-imposed four-month window between annual tours. “I honestly feel like I reached my full potential on this album,” says Kerser. “Fans can expect the type of music they have been asking me to recreate for years now, with a modern twist.”

Kerser’s parting gift shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans – the rapper has never hidden his desire to drop 10 albums in 10 years. “I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but this was my goal from the start and the mission is almost complete,” he says.

For his final statement, Kerser aimed to represent every chapter of his career, from his breakthrough mixtapes to his viral YouTube promos. “I feel like I covered every Kers style, so it really takes the fans on a journey,” he insists. “There’s stuff on here to make my fans laugh, cry, reminisce, get goosebumps, think deep and feel motivated. There’s some hardcore street stuff, and heaps of addictive hooks and killer bars as well.”

Kerser also set out to make “the greatest Australian rap release ever” with A Gift & A Kers. “I know this is my best piece of work yet,” he says. “I’m leaving my fans with an album that will carry them through the rest of their lives. My final thank you and my final imprint on the scene I built.”

Kerser is set to embark on a national album tour later this year, performing in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney through September and October (more information here).

“I used to see Hilltop Hoods and Bliss n Eso were playing the Enmore Theatre and I’d look up the capacity and I’d go, ‘Oh, okay, I don’t think I’ll sell that out in my career; that’s more for the artists on the radio with a massive push.’ We actually sold the Enmore out for this upcoming tour and I never expected I could do that, so it’s a massive accomplishment,” he reveals.

 “I’ve got such a loyal fanbase, ‘cause they’ve seen me go against the grain. Back when I was coming up you needed radioplay or you weren’t gonna get anywhere… With all those doors shutting in their face, I think a lot of artists in that position would’ve quit! But, yeah, I proved that theory wrong and showed that you can overcome [a lack of industry support]. It’s good to see the upcoming artists have realised that and they give me props for it now, which is pretty satisfying.”

Kerser’s A Gift & A Kers is out now.