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Kehlani Wants to Be Part of Her Lover’s ‘Little Story’ in Cinematic New Video

The singer’s 2-year-old daughter Adeya makes a cameo in the gorgeous video

Kehlani brings some gorgeous cinematic visuals to the video for her soothing “Little Story,” the electric guitar-backed, violin-featuring new single off her forthcoming album Blue Water Road.

“I want you to do it again/I want you to love me again/And complete our little story,” she sings. “We got one hell of a story/You’re a hell of an author/I swear I’ll leave you at the altar/Working on being softer.”

The video — co-directed by Kehlani and Alex Thurmond — follows the carefree singer in seeming solitude as she sings to a past lover asking to, once again, be a part of their story. In several scenes, she’s seen reading from a book on fire, while in one especially carefree scene, the singer hangs upside down from some monkey bars.

Later in the song, Kehlani is accompanied by some violinists for a beautiful, flowy bridge as her 2-year-old daughter Adeya joins her for a sweet cameo as the mother-daughter pair are seen playing in some water. “What can I say… a true little story. A song I really care about,” Kehlani wrote on Instagram about the track. “A video I really care about. Enjoy it, it’s an honor to share it.”

The new song follows the release of “Altar,” which she tweeted was dedicated to “all those I have lost, all the angels I have gained, all those that walk with me with hands cracking my chest open.” She also released the sexy “Ur Best Friend” with Kiana Ledé last year.

Blue Water Road is the follow-up to It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which she released in 2020.

From Rolling Stone US