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Julia Stone, Matt Berninger Release New Collaboration ‘We All Have’

Sixty Summers, Stone’s first solo album in eight years, will be released in April

Julia Stone has released a new song and video, “We All Have,” from her upcoming album Sixty Summers. The track features the voice of Matt Berninger from the National.

“This song is about how everything transforms and moves; even though you feel so shitty at one point, it might shift into something new,” Stone said in a statement. “Love is all that we really need to be here for — not love with someone else but love in your heart.”

Berninger added: “It’s always really inspiring to hear old friends creating such amazing music. I’ve been a big fan of Julia’s work for a long time, and it was so fun to be invited to be a part of this song!”

“We All Have” comes with a music video directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, and features his cousin Jesse Gasparinatos, a second-generation abalone diver based out of Australia’s southernmost Tasmanian town. The video was shot over a week spent on Jesse’s fishing boat late last year, and captures the grueling yet oddly peaceful experience of diving for abalones.

Sixty Summers marks Julia Stone’s first solo album in eight years and features collaborations with Thomas Bartlett, a.k.a. Doveman, and Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent. It will be released on April 16th via BMG.

From Rolling Stone US