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The Jonas Brothers Are Ready to Roast Each Other Into Oblivion

Jonas Brothers Family Roast is coming to Netflix in November

The Jonas Brothers are gearing up to tear into each other in the newly announced Netflix special Jonas Brothers Family Roast. Hosted by Kenan Thompson, the comedy special opens up the floor for Joe, Nick, and Kevin to bash and flame each other in a way only siblings can.

Premiering on November 23red, Jonas Brothers Family Roast will feature guest appearances from Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, former boy bander Niall Horan, comedian Gabriel Iglesias (a.k.a. Fluffy), musician John Legend, YouTuber turned late-night host Lilly Singh, actor Jack Whitehall, and more. “You’ll see us like you’ve never seen us before through sketches, songs, games, and special guests,” Kevin said in the series’ promotional announcement video.

Since reuniting as a band in 2019, the Jonas Brothers have offered a look into their relationship as brothers and coworkers through a slate of releases, including two documentaries –– Chasing Happiness and Happiness Continues –– and a memoir, Blood co-written by journalist Neil Strauss.

While the official releases were strategically crafted to play into the public’s curiosity about the band’s inner workings, the real gems of the Jonas’ interactions are far less polished. Joe Jonas scored a viral video on TikTok over the weekend when he dug up a photoshopped picture of Nick coming out of the water at the beach with unnaturally large nipples on display that had previously made its rounds in 2014.

If the trio’s back and forth on social media is any indication, the high-scale production of Jonas Brothers Family Roast will be serving up banter — and maybe a few hurt feelings.

From Rolling Stone US