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Japanese Breakfast Sings to Cows in Her ‘Be Sweet’ Video for ‘The Sims’

New version of Jubilee track was released to coincide with Cottage Living expansion pack

The Sims 4 has released a new Cottage Living expansion pack, and to accompany the cottagecore-inspired game, Japanese Breakfast has released a music video for her song “Be Sweet” sung entirely in Simlish, the in-universe language of The Sims.

The clip keeps with the atmosphere of Cottage Living featuring Michelle Zauner, dressed in gingham and a big sunhat, singing to a herd of cows in a sunny riverbank field.

In an interview about the new Simlish version of “Best Sweet,” Zauner told Vice: “It was very funny because I played The Sims a lot when I was a teenager especially and have sunk many hours of my life into creating various families. So to be singing one of my songs that still feels relatively new in a new language was really funny. It was very, very funny to hear the words altered in that way. It was difficult to get through takes without laughing, especially because ‘Be Sweet’ has a lot of harmonies in it. So you’d have to layer them in all these different ways. It was just really a very funny, enjoyable process.”

Zauner recently composed the soundtrack to another video game, Sable. The original version of “Be Sweet” appears on the latest Japanese Breakfast album Jubilee, out now.

From Rolling Stone US