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Jamie McDell Shares New Single, ‘Not Ready Yet’

Having signed with ABC Music recently, Jamie McDell has given fans an exclusive listen of latest track, ‘Not Ready Yet’.


In a year where it seems like so much has been going wrong, some things have gone right, with Jamie McDell recently announcing her signing to ABC Music and the release of her forthcoming album, with new single “Not Ready Yet” arriving this week.

Managed and produced by Nash Chambers, McDell has been making some impressive moves in recent years, having recently been based in Canada prior to a return to her native New Zealand. However, it seems that this change of scenery has let the creativity flow, with new single “Dream Team” serving as a taste of what’s to come when it arrived in early August.

Now, latest single “Not Ready Yet” has given fans another indicator of McDell’s new record, with the exuberant piece of classic alt-country arriving ahead of its official release tomorrow, with a sound that channels some of the genre’s greats, and lyrics that speak to what the future may hold for McDell herself.

“I’ve always wanted to create a groove reminiscent of the ’90s The Chicks and I’m hoping this comes close,” McDell explained of the track. “I had mumbled the falsetto chorus melody into my voice memos before jumping into a session with my producer Nash and Phil Barton.

“The lyrics came from a place of comfort in not knowing what’s next for me and taking my time to figure it out. Motherhood is something I want in the future, something that I’m really looking forward to if I’m to be so lucky. But I’m not ready yet and maybe, in today’s world, that is all I should need to say.”

In addition to the single, McDell has also unveiled an endearing, natural video for the track, which – like most things in these last two years – arrived out of a sense of necessity following the collapse of previous plans.

“The Auckland lockdown meant I wasn’t able to work with the director I’d planned to,” McDell begins. “My partner and I were lucky to be located at Pauanui Beach at the time, where we’ve spent nearly every summer for the past decade.

“We decided we could make some visuals out of the hike we do up the local mountain often. I’ve had many deep thoughts on this beautiful trail and it felt like it connected to the sentiment of the song, just revelling in every stage of the journey to who knows where.”

Ultimately, it’s a fitting visual pairing for the track, which sees McDell at her powerful best, complemented by the casual, fun-loving nature of the track.

Currently, McDell is on track to unleash her forthcoming album in early 2022, with further details expected to arrive soon.

Jamie McDell’s “Not Ready Yet” is officially released on October 8th.