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Indy Yelich Releases Debut EP, ‘Threads’

Lorde’s younger sister is forging her own musical path on her eagerly-anticipated debut release

Indy Yelich

Jones Crow*

Following months of buildup and curiosity, Indy Yelich has shared her eagerly-anticipated debut EP, Threads.

The little sister of Kiwi pop superstar Lorde, Indy decided to finally forge her own path in music this year. “I’ve always had a very distinct voice but now, at 24, I finally feel I know exactly what I’m trying to say,” as she says.

A keen poetry fan – she even previously released two books of her own poetry – Indy turned to acclaimed writers like Ocean Vuong, Alex Dimitrov, and Frank O’Hara to pen her introspective lyrics, as well finding inspiration from artists as varied as Kacey Musgraves, Bon Iver, and Tears for Fears.

Threads contains five songs, including new single “Freeloader”, which was released at the same time as the EP today. “Freeloader” was inspired by a friend invading the New Zealander’s space when she stayed with the singer in her tiny New York City apartment; the track quickly became a fierce call-put to anyone who overstays their welcome in life.

“I feel like this song is a fun ode to all the boys who have been assholes to me in the past. Boys who step over you and take advantage of your giving nature. It felt so cathartic to write!” she explains. An accompanying music video, set to drop this afternoon, sees Indy gleefully tossing her freeloader’s clothes out of her bedroom window, reclaiming her personal space.

“Freeloader” follows previous singles like the touching “Hometown”, which Indy wrote about her quiet teenage years growing up in a small suburb of Auckland.

“”Hometown” is about the memories from my teen years in suburbia that I’ll never forget,” she said about the track at the time of its release. “This song is very nostalgic for me, as it makes me think of driving through the suburbs, taking the long way to go past an ex’s house. Returning from the big city and staying at your parent’s.”

Indy Yelich’s Threads is out now. 

Threads EP Tracklist

  1. “Threads”

  2. “Killer”

  3. “Hometown”

  4. “Hero”

  5. “Freeloader”