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Iggy Azalea Says She Supports Prison Reform While Explaining Tory Lanez Sentencing Letter

The musician said she believes in “reasonable punishments that are rehabilitative” over incarceration

Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea offered an explanation as to why she submitted a letter of recommendation on behalf of Tory Lanez as he prepares to be sentenced for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in her feet.

Prosecutors are seeking up to 13 years in prison for Lanez — real name Daystar Peterson — though the musician’s defense attorneys are seeking probation and mandatory rehab, citing Peterson’s alcohol addiction and childhood trauma in a recent memo. To boost their endeavor, Peterson’s legal team submitted 76 letters of recommendation from family members, religious figures, non-profit executives, and even a few of Peterson’s associates from the music industry — including Azalea.

The full text of Azalea’s letter hasn’t been made public yet, though the judge overseeing the case reportedly said Azalea advocated for “a sentence that is transformational and not life-destroying.”

Azalea reiterated that sentiment on Twitter Monday night as she addressed her decision to submit the letter. “I am not in support of throwing away ANY ones [sic] life if we can give reasonable punishments that are rehabilitative instead. I support prison reform. Period.”

She added: “I was asked to write about my genuine experience and the type of punishment I think he deserves: I did.”

Azalea was also adamant that her letter did not touch on the nature of the case itself and what happened between Peterson and Megan Thee Stallion — though she did say, “the whole thing is full of oddities,” without further explaining what she meant. She also insisted, “I don’t ‘support’ anyone,” and said she hadn’t been in touch with Peterson for months.

“I have no reason to be,” she continued, “but I do wish him well.”

Azalea also seemed taken aback that the letter was being discussed publicly, saying she was told it was “for a judge only.” She said she “never intended to publicly comment,” adding later: “It’s not really that interesting but I understand why it’s being sensationalized… See ya next week to discuss pizza toppings I suppose. Lol.”

Peterson has been locked up since he was convicted last December of first-degree assault with a firearm, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence, and having a concealed firearm in a vehicle. He was originally supposed to be sentenced in January, but the hearing was delayed several times as Peterson hired new legal counsel and attempted to secure a new trial (that request was denied in May). While Peterson’s sentencing hearing kicked off yesterday, a ruling has yet to be handed down.

During the first day of sentencing, the prosecution read a statement from Megan Thee Stallion asking the court to hold him fully accountable for shooting her. “I’ve been tormented and terrorized,” Megan said in her letter before referencing the vast amount of misinformation that spread about the shooting and trial.

“He paid bloggers to disseminate false information, he treated my trauma like a joke when I could’ve been dead,” she wrote. “He blamed the system, he blamed the press, and as of late he is using his childhood trauma to justify his actions.”

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