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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Star Josh Radnor Drops ‘You Feel New’

Track will appear on actors debut solo EP, One More Then I’ll Let You Go

Actor Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother, Liberal Arts) has released the second single, “You Feel New,” from his upcoming EP, One More Then I’ll Let You Go, which is set to arrive April 16th via Flower Moon Records.

“You Feel New” is a brisk but poignant folk song that finds Radnor using his wry sense of humor to contend with loneliness and routine before the chorus presents the possibility of something fresh. “I’m so tired of my face,” Radnor sings, “It won’t stop being the same old face/And I’m so tired of these days/Stretching on forever in a purple haze/But you/You feel new/And I do, too/When I’m with you.”

“You Feel New” follows Radnor’s first solo single, “The High Road,” which he released earlier in March. While One More Then I’ll Let You Go marks Radnor’s debut solo project, it’s not his first musical endeavor: In 2020, he released Golden State, an album with singer-songwriter Ben Lee under the name Radnor and Lee.

Radnor began working on One More Then I’ll Let You Go back in fall 2018 with producer Ryan Dilmore. Along with the songs on the EP, Radnor has other material he plans to release in the future.

“When I started playing guitar four years ago, songs exploded out of me,” Radnor said in a statement. “In addition to the ones I was writing with Ben [Lee], I was writing a few songs a week on my own. I asked Ryan to produce a record for me and he came over one afternoon to hear what I had written. It was an unreasonably long list of songs. At some point I sensed him needing to leave and I said, ‘One more then I’ll let you go.’ He immediately said, ‘There’s your album title!’”

From Rolling Stone US