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Hockey Dad Announce the Release of Early Demos Collection

“We thought we’d share these with you to say thanks heaps for supporting us after all these years,” Hockey Dad said of the limited-edition digital release.

Image of Hockey Dad

Hockey Dad are sharing a collection of their early demos, but for 24 hours only.


With Bandcamp helping support musicians by waiving fees on May 1st, Windang duo Hockey Dad have announced the release of a limited edition digital collection of demos.

Having first appeared on the radars of music fans by way of “Lull City” back in late 2013, Hockey Dad have spent seven years setting themselves apart as one of the most popular and enjoyable rock duos on the Aussie music scene.

While their first studio album appeared in 2016, May 29th was originally set to see the release of Brain Candy, Hockey Dad’s eagerly-awaited third record. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 pandemic has seen the group’s release date pushed back, and their album tour postponed.

However, Hockey Dad aren’t ones to leave fans wanting, and with Bandcamp recently announcing the first Friday of each month will see them waive fees in order to support artists, the Windang pair have dug deep into the archives to release a digital collection of demos.

Titled Early Days, the compilation collects a bunch of Hockey Dad’s first demos, “all written and recorded within a few weeks in early 2013”, the group explain.

“We had no idea what we were doing at the time and we sure as shit didn’t expect to still be doing all of this 7 years later,” Hockey Dad wrote on Facebook. “So we thought we’d share these with you to say thanks heaps for supporting us after all these years.”

If you’re keen to get your hands on this collection of demos, Early Days will be available from the group’s Bandcamp page for 24 hours, beginning at 5pm AEST on Friday, May 1st.

While Early Days will undoubtedly satiate the appetites of fans for new music during this current time, Hockey Dad are on track to officially release Brain Candy on July 31st, with pre-orders available now. The group’s most recent single, “In This State”, was released in mid-April.