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Hear Thom Yorke’s Remix of Clark’s ‘Isolation Theme’

Radiohead singer returns favor after electronic producer remixed “Not the News”

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has shared a remix of Clark’s “Isolation Theme,” a selection from the electronic producer’s score for the 2019 film Daniel Isn’t Real. In 2019, Clark remixed Yorke’s “Not the News,” a track from the singer’s Anima.

Yorke, who has previously put his remix skills to work for artists like Liars, MF Doom and Major Lazer, said in a statement: “I took Clark’s score of ‘Isolation Theme’ and simply made it feel like the moment we were entering: being told to stay indoors, entering a new type of silence. I guess I simplified it in a way, into waveforms that were being disrupted. I was surprised how frightening it became.”

Clark added: “I started working on Daniel Isn’t Real around the time I was asked to remix Thom’s track ‘Not the News’, so it has a neat circularity closing the expanded edition of the score with him remixing me. I was surprised how well the midi translated to his remix. He got such a good pure electronic tone out of it. It amazes me how simple note information, if it has a nice shape, can transmit to multiple voicings. This isn’t good news for genres. It’s good news for me, though.”

Yorke’s remix of “Isolation Theme” will feature on the expanded edition of the Daniel Isn’t Real score, out October 9th via Deutsche Grammophon.

From Rolling Stone US