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Har Mar Superstar Apologises in Wake of Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Several women have accused the singer of sexual assault and harassment

Sean Tillmann, who performs as Har Mar Superstar, has issued an apology in the wake of sexual misconduct accusations.

Burak Cingi/Redferns/Getty Images

Sean Tillmann, who performs as Har Mar Superstar, has publicly apologized in the wake of sexual assault and harassment accusations by several women, Star Tribune reports.

“Recently, brave women have been coming forward to speak about how I treated them, including conduct that was harmful, abusive and selfish,” he said in a lengthy statement, which he posted on Twitter and Facebook. He added: “I take these claims extremely seriously. I am deeply sorry to anyone who feels I’ve hurt them; what matters here is not my feelings or perspective but to take these statements seriously and respectfully.”

Three women told Star Tribune of incidents that allegedly occurred between 2014 and 2017. One woman said she had trusted Tillmann “completely” and considered him a friend until an alleged incident in 2016 in which she claims he undid his pants and stuck his penis in her face.

Another woman who came forward and said she was an acquaintance of Tillmann accused him sliding his hand down her pants at a Minneapolis bar. A third woman said Tillmann drunkenly propositioned her while in a recording studio. When the woman turned him down and left the studio to a basement bathroom, she claimed he came “busting in the stall. I remember him trying to kiss me and touch me.”

Tillmann denied the 2016 allegation, which was shared on social media earlier in the month. “I categorically deny the version of events that has been presented within her post,” he wrote in his statement. “It just didn’t happen that way, and the recent account includes awful, untrue details that have been added.”

The allegations led the venue First Avenue to halt sales of tickets for a show that was planned with Tillmann’s band Heart Bones.

“I want to provide my deepest apology and my public commitment to be accountable, to listen, and to do what I can to allow for healing and growth, not only for those women who have come forward, but for our community — and in particular our musical community— as a whole,” he continued in his statement. “I want those who have been brave enough to speak up to know that I have heard you, I am ready to listen, and that I am committed to doing what I can to be accountable and, frankly, to just be a better human.”

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