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Grecco Romank Are ‘2 Hot 2 Hunt’, But You Can Try Anyway

Grecco Romank and some furry friends make for one of the best (and most baffling) music videos of the year so far

Grecco Romank music video


In a world of homogenised artists and sanitised playlists, choose to be like Grecco Romank. Always choose to be like Grecco Romank.

The Auckland-based trio of Billie Fee, Mikey Sperring, and Damian Golfinopoulos almost defy description – they’ve been variously cited as a “Berlin warehouse party genre-smasher,” an “industrial-rave band”, and, best of all, “NZ’s premiere bogan-techno opera electronic act” – but we gave it a good go last year:

“Grecco Romank straddle the line between sublime and silly, the whole endeavour constantly on the verge of collapse… These are just carefree, self-aware, possibly lunatic-adjacent musicians making the music they want to make.

It’s invigorating to listen to a group like Grecco Romank who place value only in creating something fascinating and new, commercial viability be damned. In the hyper-streaming era, when the algorithm often creates a safe cocoon for the musically mediocre, it’s much more refreshing than you realise,” we wrote.

Following the release of their 2023 album Wet Exit, Grecco Romank released new single “2 Hot 2 Hunt” earlier this year, and it’s now completed by a music video that has to be watched to be believed.

Thanks to the work of Joshua Harris-Harding, Auckland is transformed into an animated game that will remind anybody of a ’90s vintage of addictive arcade games.

“The world’s most liveable city, Auckland, is sinking”, the video begins. “Resources are scarce… To eat tonight, you and your furry friends must hunt the most dangerous game… Grecco Romank.”

Up to the challenge? Watch the virtual video below, and see if you recognise any Auckland Central landmarks (or your friends inside any of those furry costumes).

“I went on Google Maps and took a bunch of low resolution screenshots of bits of K’ Road and Sandringham, and I made a bunch of detritus with Google Images”, says Harris-Harding about the making of the video.

It could be about to be an even bigger week for Grecco Romank.

Wet Exit (read their track-by-track breakdown of the album) earned the band a nomination for the 2024 Aotearoa Music Awards Te Manu Taki Whanokē o te Tau Best Alternative Act. The winner will be declared at the Auckland ceremony this Thursday, May 30th, although the trio will face stern competition from Princess Chelsea and Mermaidens. But their nomination feels notable regardless of the outcome, a reminder that weirdness in music is deserving of merit.

Grecco Romank’s “2 Hot 2 Hunt” is out now.