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‘In My Room’ With Graham Nash

Singer performs CSNY classics “Our House,” “4 + 20” and “Teach Your Children”

Graham Nash performs Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young classics in the latest installment of “In My Room,” a new IGTV series in which musicians perform from their homes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sitting at his piano from his apartment in New York City, Nash played three tracks from CSNY’s Déjà Vu, a record that turned 50 this month. “I’d like to give a shout out to all the medical people, all the postmen and postwomen,” he told the camera prior to playing. “All the people that are risking their lives to make our lives better. And we need to help them, too…we need to stay home. We need to not spread this virus. Talking about being at home, why don’t I sing ‘Our House’ for you?”

He then dove into the track about domestic bliss, inspired by his famous Laurel Canyon home that lived in with Joni Mitchell in the late Sixties. He shifted to the acoustic guitar after that, for an intimate “4 + 20,” a song written by Stephen Stills that “completely amazed” Nash when he first heard it. He sings the lines that are eerily appropriate for the times: “Why am I so alone?/Where is my woman, can I bring her home?”

Nash ended with “Teach Your Children,” a song he usually closes with sets with at his solo concerts. “We’re all in this together,” he said. “We will make it together. Stay at home, wash your hands, don’t spread the virus.”

Many of Nash’s solo tour dates have been rescheduled due to the pandemic. You can find the new dates on his website.

Nash’s “In My Room” segment follows Yola‘s, John Fogerty‘s, Brian Wilson‘s and others. To support musicians undergoing financial hardship, please consider giving to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund or MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund.

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