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Girl in Red Rushes Around Oslo, Gets in a Trampoline Accident in ‘Serotonin’ Video

Track will appear on indie-pop artist’s upcoming debut, If I Could Make It Go Quiet

Girl in Red has released a new video for “Seratonin,” a track off her upcoming debut album, If I Could Make It Go Quiet, set to arrive on Friday.

The clip — co-directed by Girl in Red with Isak Jenssen — matches the big bass, sugar-rush feel of “Seratonin,” as Marie Ulven runs around the streets of Oslo, Norway, hangs out the window of a car, and jumps on a trampoline. The latter activity leads to a bit of a mishap at the end of the clip when Ulven falls and slips underneath the protective netting; that footage is then reversed to send Ulven flying through a green screen-assisted journey that takes her through New York, Egypt, and ultimately into outer space.

“Seratonin” was produced by Finneas, and Girl in Red is set to perform the track on The Tonight Show next Monday, May 3rd. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ulven spoke about the song, saying, “I’ve never talked about my mental health like that. I’m talking about worrying that my therapist hates me. I stopped answering my therapist because I was just like, ‘You don’t want to talk to me.’ Your mind does all kinds of weird shit.”

From Rolling Stone US