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Georgia Maq’s New EP Beautifully Captures Her Sydney Opera House Set

‘Live At Sydney Opera House’ is a collection of songs taken from the Camp Cope member’s recent memorable appearance at Vivid LIVE. 

Georgia Maq

Jess Gleeson

Performing at the Sydney Opera House is an honour for any artist, and Georgia Maq captured her set at the iconic venue for a live EP.

Released today, Live At Sydney Opera House is a collection of songs taken from the Camp Cope member’s recent memorable appearance at Vivid LIVE.

The EP marks Maq’s live show solo debut following Camp Cope’s previous appearance at the Sydney Opera House back in 2019.

The EP features an expansive range of songs, including “Big Embarrassing Heart”, a cut from Maq’s 2019 solo album Pleaser, the stand-alone release “Cold Summer”, and an enthralling cover of Regina Spektor’s “Samson”. All of the songs come alive in the stripped back performance, with Maq’s thrilling vocals coming to the fore.

There’s also two unreleased songs – “Living Alone” and “Neighbour” – with both showcasing Maq’s usual straightforward vulnerability.

“”Living Alone” is about leaving the music scene, being perceived and general loneliness vibes of being in a long-distance relationship. I think it’s also about getting older and saying goodbye to your youth. Like a eulogy for my mid-twenties,” Maq says.

“I think your twenties are when you are meant to live in share houses and party, but that’s never really something I’ve done, I’ve lived alone for about three years and I lead a pretty autonomous existence and that’s fine.”

“Neighbours”, meanwhile, is about using Tinder during 2020’s COVID lockdown, which found Maq developing a crush on her neighbour.

As for the reason behind the EP, Maq wanted to bring the raw honesty of a live performance to listeners at home. “I love how live versions of songs are different to the recording and the authenticity of a live performance, so I wanted to share that,” she says.

“With the pandemic, it’s hard to go out and see live music so I wanted to bring that intimate experience to the listener at home. These performances were special to me because I had my beautiful step mum Rebecca Mason on the piano, as well as my ride-or-die string duo, Lucy Rash and Lucy Waldron, all of whom I am very lucky to call friends.”

Live At Sydney Opera House by Georgia Maq is out now.