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Indie Rockstar G-Eazy Covers an Obscure Band Called the Beatles

The Bay Area artist dusts off the band’s 1968 song “I’m So Tired” for a new generation

ITV/Shutterstock, Robb Cohen/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

In 1968, John Lennon was going through it. He was having trouble sleeping and desperately horny, while meditating at an ashram. So, he decided to write “I’m So Tired.” The lyrics — “You know I can’t sleep, I can’t stop my brain / You know it’s three weeks, I’m going insane” — were pandemic pop prior to a pandemic. Lennon’s longing for a good night’s sleep, some alcohol, and a few fresh nudes is arguably more potent now than it was over 50 years ago.

Thankfully, singer-songwriter G-Eazy decided to try his hand at this little-known Beatles song, adding his specific Bay Area sauce to the proceedings. It’s difficult to judge G-Eazy’s cover of “I’m So Tired” in black and white terms. Is it good or bad? Is a centaur more horse or man?

On the one hand, the world desperately needs more covers of Beatles’ songs, a group that doesn’t receive nearly as much acclaim as they deserve. On the other, who better to update The White Album cut for a new generation than the man who elegantly told the masses, “Always lit, yeah, I’m never sober / It’s been three days in a row, your bitch coming over?”

Produced by Christoph Andersson, G-Eazy’s “I’m So Tired” does feature the singer sounding… well, tired. So points should be given for sticking to the theme. During these times of uncertainty, the world needs more daring celebrities, like G-Eazy, willing to perform through the pain. Next time you can’t sleep, remember you’re no different than rock ‘n’ roll legends like Gerald Gillum and John Lennon. Get up, grab that guitar, and start recording a sweet, sweet cover of “Imagine.” What could go wrong?