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Watch Foo Fighters Herald the Return of Live Music in New Documentary

The Day the Music Came Back showcases the band’s Madison Square Garden concert

Foo Fighters have released a short documentary detailing the band’s June 20th show at Madison Square Garden.

Titled The Day the Music Came Back, the 10-minute clip was created with Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp., and includes performances “Best of You” and “Everlong.”

The documentary also features behind-the-scenes conversations with fans, as well as the workers responsible for putting on the fully vaccinated concert. The show reopened Madison Square Garden at full capacity, with 15,000 people, after 466 days of no live music at the venue.

Rolling Stone‘s Rob Sheffield attended the show, writing, “This night wasn’t just about the Garden or NYC — it was a symbolic invitation to start remembering how to celebrate together.”

“No band could have been a better fit for this job, because nobody lives to rock a live crowd like Dave Grohl,” Sheffield noted. “This is the guy who broke a leg onstage in Sweden a few years ago, but then came back out in a cast (carried on a stretcher!) to play the rest of the damn show. It was a night of cathartic, agonizing, euphoric glory, but nobody seemed to crave it more than Grohl. ‘Did you miss it?’ he asked us at the start. ‘Me too.’”

During the show, Grohl shared his joy at being back onstage, as evidenced in the documentary.

“For the last year, I had this reoccurring dream that I would fuckin’ walk onstage and we would look at each other for the first time,” Grohl told the crowd. “And it would take a couple of minutes, where we just look at each other like, ‘Thank God we got here tonight.’ I fuckin’ walk out onstage tonight. It was just like that fuckin’ dream.”

From Rolling Stone US