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Fontaines D.C. Take a Trip to Madrid in ‘Favourite’ Music Video

The song is the second single off the band’s forthcoming LP, ‘Romance’

Fontaines D.C.

Simon Wheatley

Fontaines D.C. have shared a new single, “Favourite,” along with a self-directed music video for the track. The shimmering love song is the second listen off the group’s forthcoming LP, Romance, out Aug. 23 via XL Recordings.

The music video documents a recent trip to Madrid, a city to which the band has a few personal connections. Guitarist Carlos O’Connell was born and grew up there, while the band used it as a base for their first-ever tour. Footage from the trip is intercut with childhood clips of the five band members.

Fontaines D.C. previously debuted “Favourite” live at a show at the Brooklyn Warsaw in April. Lead singer Grian Chatten described the track in a statement as having “this never-ending sound to it, a continuous cycle from euphoria to sadness, two worlds spinning forever.”

The group announced Romance, their fourth album, with single “Starburster” in April. The funky, disco-rock track chronicles a panic attack Chatten suffered in a London tube station.

The quintet spent a month writing Romance and nearly another month in a North London studio doing pre-production. The band recorded it with producer James Ford in a Paris chateau over another month. Bassist Conor Deegan III said they decided on the title because of their penchant for romanticization.

“We’ve always had this sense of idealism and romance,” he said in a statement. “Each album gets further away from observing that through the lens of Ireland, as directly as Dogrel. The second album [A Hero’s Death] is about that detachment, and the third [Skinty Fia] is about Irishness dislocated in the diaspora. Now we look to where and what else there is to be romantic about.”

“We say things on this record we’ve wanted to say for a long time,” Chatten added. “I never feel like it’s over, but it’s nice to feel lighter.”

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