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‘You Are the People That Keep Me Going’: A Letter From flowerkid to the Listeners

Some people just release an EP, but that wasn’t enough for flowerkid



Some people just release an EP, but that wasn’t enough for flowerkid.

The rising Sydney producer and singer-songwriter surprise released his second EP, LET IT BE ENOUGH, today, following a string of promising singles that dropped over the past few years.

The record contains seven new tracks from the 2021 Rolling Stone Australia Awards nominee, but its release comes after a noticeable period of absence from its creator.

That’s why flowerkid – AKA Flynn Sant – penned a letter directly to the listener to explain what’s been happening to him over the past few months, which you can read in full below.

“Hi everyone,

If I’m being honest, I don’t even know where to start. I have been bottling these feelings inside me for so long out of fear that I wouldn’t receive support, but I always preach to you all that being honest and being vulnerable is the best way to overcome life’s hurdles. So here it goes. This past year has taken me through the motions. Gradually my strength has deteriorated and I have been left feeling so weak and scared. This year alone, I have received an enormous amount of online harassment and hate for simply being who I am. I have always tried to be the strongest I can be, but these things have really taken a toll on me. The hate I have received has made me withdraw from people, life, and the things I love most. I have been terrified to post ANYTHING because these people’s words have just kept hitting me where it hurts. I was always so embarrassed to share this, because the way I saw it, it made me look ‘weak’ or too ‘sensitive’. Not releasing music and not posting made me feel like I was failing. But I am officially done with this mindset. I AM A HUMAN BEING. I AM NOT A MACHINE. I HAVE FEELINGS. After a long break from posting and releasing music this year, I am finally ready to come back. My own insecurities that were born from this hate, are no longer going to hold me back from doing what I love. So, I will officially be releasing an EP that I’ve had under wraps for a long time. This collection of songs mean so much to me, and I am itching to bring it to your ears. My second EP,‘LET IT BE ENOUGH’ is out now on all platforms. To those who have supported me no matter what, I truly thank you. You are the people that keep me going.

All my love, flowerkid

flowerkid’s LET IT BE ENOUGH EP is out now via Warner Music Australia. The vinyl version arrives on January 19th (pre-order here).