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Check Out Two Songs From El-P’s ‘Capone’ Score

Run the Jewels rapper/producer shares “Mama’s Hurt” and “That Is Al That’s Left” from Al Capone biopic

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The biopic Capone arrives on video-on-demand Friday and with it comes an original score by Run the Jewels’ El-P, the producer’s first full-length score since 2004.

Ahead of May 29th release of Capone (Original Motion Picture Score) on Milan Records, Rolling Stone exclusively shares a pair of cuts from the Al Capone biopic, “Mama’s Hurt” and the end credits cut “That Is Al That’s Left.”

Capone focuses on the last year of the mobster’s life, with the dementia-stricken Capone ensconced in his Florida estate, ravaged by memories of his past.

“’Mama’s Hurt’ is from one of my favorite scenes in the film. Al wanders through a violent dream of his past and it all comes to a bloody peak. This is one of the most surreal and ultimately sinister-sounding pieces in Capone,” El-P told Rolling Stone of the track.

“I also wanted to share ‘This Is Al That’s Left (End Credits)’ because it contains elements from all of the major musical themes we created for the film woven into one more traditional instrumental form. It ends the film so it really had to be a definitive feeling emotionally for what Capone was about.”

El-P and Capone director Josh Trank previously collaborated when the producer scored the end credits to the filmmaker’s reboot of Fantastic 4. El-P’s last complete film score was 2004’s Bomb the System, although in recent years he has also contributed to 2016’s Bleed for This and 2018’s Roma.

“I grew up on film scores and they’ve always been a huge influence on me and I’ve been hoping to get the time and chance to do another, so I was thrilled to do Capone,” El-P said in a statement. “Huge thanks to Josh Trank and Tom Hardy for bringing me in and of course to [Run the Jewels collaborator] Wilder Zoby who was my right-hand man through the whole score. I loved helping create and getting lost in this twisted little trip into Al’s mind. Much of the music on this score is directly from the movie and some of it is stuff that was created for the film but didn’t survive the final cut. I’m excited to present it to the world in this form.”

Capone (Original Motion Picture Score) is available to preorder now via Milan Records.

Capone (Original Motion Picture Score) Tracklist

1. Italy Theme
2. Something in the Hall
3. By Car and By Boat
4. Intruders
5. We Don’t Use That Name Around Here
6. Walking into a Dream
7. Give It Up for Al
8. Mama’s Hurt
9. Still a Family…Assassin!
10. You’re a Good Man, Al
11. Al Hell Breaks Loose
12. Back From Hell
13. This Is Al That’s Left