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Ed Sheeran Warns Against AI: ‘Have You Not See the Movies Where They Kill Us All?’

“I just find AI a bit weird,” the singer said

Ed Sheeran on AI

Kristina Bumphrey/Variety/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran doesn’t plan on asking ChatGPT for help anytime soon. The singer sat down with Audacy Live before a live performance to share his feelings about artificial intelligence and how he’d rather it not exist. At all.

“What I don’t understand about AI is like… For the last 60 years, Hollywood movies have been telling you, ‘Don’t do it.’ And now everyone’s doing it,” he said. “I’m just like, ‘Have you not seen the movies where they kill us all?’ “

“Also I don’t know why you need it. There are just certain things… If you’re taking a job away from a human being, that’s probably a bad thing,” he added. “The whole point of society is we do jobs and do things, if everything is done by robots, everyone is gonna be out of work.”

He concluded: “I just find AI a bit weird.”

Music that taps into artificial intelligence has made its way into the music industry in the last few months, with TikTok videos going viral of AI covers of songs, with the likes of Grimes even welcoming people to use her voice to create music.

Rolling Stone sat down with Grammy-winning songwriter Evan Bogart, who worked on “Halo,” to make a viral AI song after sharing that he had considered incorporating the technology in his music-making.

“I love the idea of collaborating with AI. There are certain things I gravitate toward naturally as a music creator, and maybe there’s other ways of writing I don’t know about that collaborating with AI might open me up to,” he said. “I think the people who embrace it in that way will find it really positive.”

From Rolling Stone US