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Ed Kuepper Announces Solo Livestream of Laughing Clowns Songs

Taking place this weekend, Ed Kuepper’s livestream occurs on the 41st anniversary of the first show from the Laughing Clowns.

Promo image of Ed Kuepper

Ed Kuepper will be filling this weekend's livestream full of tracks from his beloved Laughing Clowns.


41 years after they first graced the live stage, Laughing Clowns founder Ed Kuepper is set to resurrect some of the group’s songs as part of a one-off livestream event this weekend.

Formed in 1979 following Kuepper’s departure from Australian punk-rock icons The Saints, Laughing Clowns were a genre-shifting collective which, despite only lasting for five years, managed to carve out a well-deserved niche in Australia’s underground scene.

With just two albums released during their time together (and one released shortly after their 1984 breakup), the group’s lauded back catalogue hasn’t exactly become fodder for Kuepper’s career as a solo artist, with material by the Laughing Clowns being left behind due to their somewhat complex arrangements.

Over the weekend though, Kuepper announced that his forthcoming livestream is set to feature some resurrected gems from the iconic group’s discography.

“My second group Laughing Clowns did their first live shows in the August of ’79 and to commemorate I’m going to do a special evening of some of the songs I wrote for the band, many not heard live for quite some time,” Kuepper explained via social media.

Taking place at 8pm AEST on Saturday, August 22nd, the event will be broadcast via his YouTube channel, with the footage remaining online for only a brief period of time.

While the Laughing Clowns initially broke up in 1985, a brief reunion throughout 2009 and 2010 currently serves as the most recent chance that fans of the outfit would have had to hear their beloved compositions live.

Though it doesn’t seem as though this forthcoming livestream will serve as a taster of an eventual reunion from the group, it is however the best chance that fans will have to hear some of the tracks performed in a semi-live setting.