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Dua Lipa Guest-Hosts ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Chats With Gwen Stefani

Stefani will appear on Lipa’s upcoming remix album Club Future Nostalgia with Madonna, Missy Elliott

“Hello, and welcome to a very weird episode of MTV Cribs,” Dua Lipa said at the start of her guest-hosting slot on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In place of the show’s usual host, the British pop star delivered a monologue in which she confirmed that yes, Dua Lipa is her real name, and that Kimmel tricked her into this gig after she “pranked” him with her song “Electricity.”

“Jimmy tricked me into hosting his show from a creepy, empty house,” she said. “Good one, Jim.”

Later on the show, she interviewed Gwen Stefani, who is set to appear on the remix to Lipa’s hit song “Physical,” with a video on August 28th. The track will appear on Lipa’s upcoming remix album, Club Future Nostalgia, with a different animated video set to each song; Madonna and Missy Elliott are among the other vocalists set to appear on the new LP.

“I did learn to smell ‘bananas’ because of you,” Lipa quipped, to which Stefani responded, “I feel honoured to have been a spelling teacher for many people around the world. But what’s weird about it is that I’m actually a very bad speller, so I feel like it was God’s gift to me to gift to others.”