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Double J Announce Countdown of 50 Best Australian Debut Albums

Double J will be taking a look back at all the artists who got it right the first time throughout the month of September.

Graphic made for the Double J '50 Best Australian Debut Albums' countdown

Double J will be counting down the 50 best Aussie debuts this month.

Double J/Supplied

Double J are set to take a look back at the formative years of Australia’s best and brightest names, announcing a countdown of the 50 greatest debuts from local artists.

Announced today, the countdown will take place from midday on Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of September, with the likes of Tim Shiel, Caz Tran, and Zan Rowe counting down the list curated by music experts from Double J, triple j and around the ABC.

The concept of a top 50 list isn’t a new idea for Double J, who have previously looked at topics such as the 50 Most Memorable Movie Soundtracks, the 50 Most Important Female Artists of the 90s, and their annual 50 Best Albums lists. In September of 2018, the station looked at the the 50 Best Australian Albums of the ’90s, with the highest Australian debut record belonging to The Living End’s self-titled effort at #3.

To complement the list of 50 albums, Double J will also be taking a more in-depth look at the albums on their website as they discover what made them great and what makes these albums resonate with fans so long after their release.

Meanwhile, the rest of the month will also be focused on artists who kicked it out of the park on their first try, with the weekly J Files focusing on debut albums from Sinead O’Connor, Pearl Jam, Wu-Tang Clan, and Florence + The Machine on Thursday nights from 8pm.

Last, but not least, Double J’s Classic Albums program will be taking a look at seminal international debut albums as well, with records from Patti Smith, Björk, Arctic Monkeys, and Rage Against The Machine stealing focus each Monday night from 7pm.

For more information regarding Double J’s 50 Best Australian Debut Albums, check out the station’s official website.