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Disclosure, Kehlani, Syd Share Sultry New Track ‘Birthday’

Single will appear on Disclosure’s new album Energy

Kehlani and Syd sing a sultry duet on Disclosure’s newest single, “Birthday.” The track comes from Disclosure’s upcoming album, Energy, out August 28th.

Over a sputtering beat, Kehlani and Syd craft a seductive R&B love story that continues Disclosure’s smoother sound on their previous album, Caracal. “Can I call you on your birthday/Just to make sure that you’re OK?” the duo sing on the chorus. “Would you prefer it if I’d go ghost/And let you go your own way?”

Howard Lawrence, one-half of Disclosure, said of the song, “Syd and I were going through a similar thing at the time, trying to work out if it was cool to call your ex to say hi or is it too awkward/mean to do so out of the blue?”

His brother and bandmate, Guy Lawrence, adds, “It’s the oldest song on the album by far so has definitely stood the test of time and deservedly made the cut. And the addition of Kehlani just took it to the next level and turned into a fire duet.”

“Birthday” follows previous Disclosure singles “Energy,” “My High” featuring Aminé and Slowthai, and “Douha (Mali Mali)” featuring Fatoumata Diawara. On Thursday, August 27th, Disclosure will release their full livestream DJ set that they performed on behalf of Cercle at the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.

From Rolling Stone US