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Demi Lovato, Sam Fischer Take an Emotional Train Ride in ‘What Other People Say’ Video

Duo released new single earlier this month

Shortly after releasing “What Other People Say,Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer have revealed a video for their collaborative single.

Directed by Dan Cerny, the clip opens with Lovato sitting in a dark train as it pours outside. After she meets up with Fischer, the duo stands on top of the moving train, singing into the night. They trade verses and harmonize on the chorus: “I used to call my mom every Sunday/So she knew her love wasn’t far away/But now I’m all fucked up out in L.A./’Cause I care more about what other people say.”

“’What Other People Say’ is a confession, realizing how far away you can get from who you are in an effort to be liked,” Fischer said of writing the track. “It’s about the pressures of society and how getting caught up with the wrong things can change you.” Added Lovato: “This song is a reflection on what it’s like to lose who you truly are in an effort to please other people and society. It’s why I wanted to make this song with Sam — ultimately it’s about two humans coming together to connect and find solutions to their problems.”

Lovato is slated to speak at SXSW’s Online Conference next month alongside keynote Stacey Abrams as well as Mary J. Blige, Carole King, and 50 Cent. She kicked off this year by performing at Celebrating America, honoring the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

From Rolling Stone US