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Daniel Johns to Grace the Cover of ‘Rolling Stone Australia/NZ’

As Daniel Johns enters the next stage of his career and embraces his FutureNever, the iconic artist is set to feature on the cover of Rolling Stone Australia/NZ.

Image of Daniel Johns

Sam Wong and Long Story Short for Rolling Stone Australia/NZ

He’s been a musical icon for the majority of his life, but as he enters the next stage of an already storied career, Daniel Johns is set to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone Australia/NZ‘s next issue.

The 21-time ARIA Award winner is set to grace the cover of the April issue of Rolling Stone Australia/NZ, coinciding with the release of his first solo album in seven years, FutureNever.

Johns’ cover appearance comes in the wake of the success of the Who is Daniel Johns? podcast, which shone a light on his life, legacy, and future upon its release in late 2021, and overtook the likes of The Joe Rogan Experience to become the most popular podcast in Australia.

Daniel Johns, photographed in Newcastle on February 12th, 2022, by Sam Wong and Long Story Short.

Daniel Johns, photographed in Newcastle on February 12th, 2022, by Sam Wong and produced by Long Story Short.

Going deep into the mind of the defiant Silverchair frontman, Rolling Stone Australia/NZ Editor Tyler Jenke spent time with Johns in his Newcastle home as he touched upon his newfound clarity, his lack of fear, and his new album, FutureNever.

“It goes without saying that Daniel Johns is one of Australia’s most iconic, celebrated, and misunderstood creative minds,” says Jenke. “With a career as vast and prolific as his, and with a noted hesitancy of the press, the mere notion of sitting down and talking to an artist like him felt as daunting as the opportunity unique.

“What followed though was one of the most expansive, far-reaching, and unguarded discussions of an artist’s life that I’ve ever had the privilege of conducting. It’s one thing to hear tales through the grapevine of how music is made, or where inspiration is drawn from, but to hear it come directly from the source as he discusses his excitement at forging into the future, his elation at new music, and his newfound fearless nature was an experience like none other, and one I hope will resonate with all readers.”

The cover photo was taken at Johns’ Newcastle home on February 12th, 2022, by Sam Wong and Long Story Short. Johns was styled by Jana Bartolo with grooming by Gavin Anesbury, and wears a Common Hours lurex cape, a Chanel ring, and a Valentino bracelet.

The intimate photo shoot allows readers to gain a powerful insight into Johns’ own world, a place where he not only feels at his most comfortable and creative, but also where he and Jenke met for the conversation that made up the in-depth cover feature.

“We were extremely lucky with this shoot,” adds Rolling Stone Australia/NZ Editor in Chief Poppy Reid. “We were able to really immerse ourselves completely in Daniel Johns’ world. He did tell us prior to the shoot that we may struggle to find a blank wall and you’ll see from some of the in-feature shots why that is. Daniel Johns’ home is like a museum, it celebrates his love of art, vintage interior design, and also his iconic career with little nods to Silverchair and his impact on the music industry as a whole strewn throughout.”

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(Main photograph by Sam Wong for Rolling Stone Australia/NZ, with assistance by Steven.K.W.Chan, and production by Long Story Short. Styling by Jana Bartolo, and assisted by Kirsten Humphreys. Grooming by Gavin Anesbury and assisted by Lucy Jackson. Lurex cape by Common Hours. Ring by Chanel. Bracelet by Valentino.)