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Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson Talks Inspirations, New Music, in Reddit AMA

Cub Sport released ‘Like Nirvana’ on Friday, though Tim Nelson explains that album number five will be “incredibly different”.

Image of Cub Sport

Tim Nelson has opened up about all manner of topics in their Reddit AMA session

James Caswell*

Just days after the release of their latest album, Like Nirvana, Cub Sport frontperson Tim Nelson has taken to Reddit to take part in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session to discuss new tunes, musical inspiration, and more with fans.

Released just last Friday, Like Nirvana serves as the fourth album from Brisbane indie-pop outfit Cub Sport, capturing them at their transcendent and emotive best. With the record coming over a year from their self-titled third album, and months on from their 333 EP, the topic of new music wasn’t far from the minds of fans during the recent session.

Responding to a fan’s question about the release of album number five, Nelson noted that there are currently “no cement plans”, but explained: “I literally have 9 new songs I’m low key (high key) obsessed with so I don’t feel like there’s gonna be a huge break between albums or anything!”

However, another fan inquired about what the next era of the band would look or sound like, allowing Nelson to explain that the current songs they’re sitting on indicates album number five will be “incredibly different” to Like Nirvana.

“It’s still got classic water sign emotional Cub Sport vibes but there’s this freedom, joy and euphoria there that I haven’t really felt in this way before,” they explained. “STAY TUNED.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone ahead of the record’s release, Nelson explained that a lack of touring due to COVID-19 has allowed them to be a little bit more creative than would’ve been otherwise possible.

“I have had some time to work on a bunch of new Cub Sport songs, so I’m already so excited for album five now,” they noted. “I also have had some of the most exciting collaborations of my career some through – in the last couple of months – that I’ve been able to work on as well. It’s really, really exciting.”

Elsewhere in the AMA, Nelson explained how Like Nirvana had been inspired by a litany of different names, including the likes of Leonard Cohen, Lorde, Kanye, Frank Ocean, The Flaming Lips, and The 1975, in addition to names such as Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, and fellow Brisbane artist Mallrat.

Though it remains to be seen when Cub Sport will be able to tour in support of their latest record, Nelson explained that the live show envisioned by the band consists of a “white stage set with each member on a riser connected by white stair cases”, while stating that the album “feels UNREAL to play live”.

Cub Sport’s Like Nirvana is out now. View the rest of Tim Nelson’s Reddit AMA here.