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Cub Sport Express the Euphoria of a Night Out on New Single, ‘Songs About It’

The piano-driven number is the latest taste of the Brisbane band’s forthcoming fifth studio album, ‘Jesus At The Gay Bar’

Cub Sport


Cub Sport have shared a new single, “Songs About It”, as the release of their forthcoming fifth album approaches.

A euphoric slice of electropop, “Songs About It” is driven by a glittering piano line, growing into a hedonistic headbanger by the climax.

It’s a track for those fading moments when you don’t want the joy of the night to end. “Blow off all of my friends / Because I don’t want this to end,” a solemn lyric says, because sometimes all we really want is to keep dancing until the sun comes up.

Featuring a thumping bass at times, and sounding like the prettiest house cut from the ecstatic ’90s, “Songs About It” is a hugely promising taste of the Brisbane band’s new album, Jesus At The Gay Bar, which is scheduled for release on Friday, April 7th (pre-save/pre-order here).

“We’re super happy to be sharing ‘Songs About It’ with the world! It feels so good to venture further into this euphoric new era and going by the reaction at festivals so far, this one has big fan favourite energy,” Cub Sport says about their new single.

Jesus At The Gay Bar is the highly-anticipated follow-up to their well-received 2020 album, Like Nirvana, which reached number two on the ARIA Albums Chart. The band’s upcoming fifth studio album contains previous singles “Always Got The Love”, “Keep Me Safe” and “Replay”, and also features guest spots from Mallrat and Shamir.

“In the context of the Cub Sport discography, Jesus At The Gay Bar is the party album,” singer Tim Nelson recently told Rolling Stone AU/NZ. “It has the heart and emotion that’s been the connecting thread through every era of Cub Sport but there’s a new energy in this album… it feels energising and uplifting.

“I feel like the whole Cub Sport discography has been all different chapters of the same story and this feels like the natural continuation of that. Our albums have felt like somewhat of a healing journey, and Jesus At The Gay Bar feels like the celebration on the other side of that.”

Cub Sport’s “Songs About It” is out now.