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Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz Has Quietly Turned His Instagram Into a Cooking Show

From risotto to green curry, the Nineties star has a recipe for your every hankering

Adam Duritz visits Build Studio on October 31, 2019 in New York City.

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As much of America continues to self-quarantine, the propensity to go stir crazy increases with each passing day. Celebrities are no different: bored out of their minds while sitting at home indefinitely. Maybe they are ceaselessly launching Instagram Lives just for some human connection. Maybe they’re teasing us with some quarantine writing session. Most likely, they’re sitting in their very large homes, marathoning movies until their eyes glaze over. Relatable! Celebs Are Bored highlights the absurd, inane and mundane decisions made by people who have an unexpectedly large amount of free time.

It’s been a long December/year and Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz has been spending his free time quietly making increasingly elaborate cooking videos on Instagram. From risotto to green curry, the Nineties star has a recipe for your every hankering.

In between posts promoting his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of Recovering the Satellites, Duritz has peppered his feed with recipes for chewy chocolate chip cookies and gumbo. Next to a performance photo captioned “coffee black and egg white” (a lyric from 1999’s “Colorblind,” which scored that sex scene in Cruel Intentions) is a tutorial for “weird-ass but freaking delicious eggplant parmesan.” A black and white photo of Duritz sporting his iconic locks is situated against a snap of a proud brisket, glistening with juices.

It’s unclear how long Duritz has been sharing his foodie adventures with the world, but it seems as though he has been upping his production value over the course of the last year; an early post features a still photo of a delicious-looking bucatini carbonara along with a shout out to the recipe’s creator, chef Anthony Vitolo. Duritz was obviously an early adopter of the tubular pasta varietal, which has seen a shortage in the U.S. in recent months due to its immense popularity.

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