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Coterie and Sir Dave Dobbyn Is the Kiwi Collaboration of Your Dreams

Coterie and Sir Dave Dobbyn have joined together to reimagine ‘Slice of Heaven’


Without any statistical proof to back it up, every kid from New Zealand has partied to “Bliss” by Th’ Dudes. Even more of a certainty, however, when growing up in New Zealand is automatically knowing all the lyrics to “Slice of Heaven” by Sir Dave Dobbyn.

Proudly showing off their Māori roots all the way in Perth, band of brothers Coterie released their version of “Slice of Heaven” – featuring Sir Dave himself – last Friday.

With songs like “Cool It Down” and “Always Beside You” (ft. Six60), Coterie’s trajectory in New Zealand has taken off over the last couple of years. They understand New Zealand music, how it sounds, and what people want to hear. More importantly, Coterie are never afraid to represent where they’re from on either side of the ditch.

While on the road playing shows recently, they performed their own version of “Slice of Heaven”, much to the crowds delight. It soon caught fire on social media and even made it back to the creator of the original.

Despite numerous approaches for covers, collaborations, and reworkings, Dobbyn has never been keen on remaking “Slice of Heaven”, until Coterie’s version reached his ears. He loved what the band were doing, and soon enough, they were in the booth recording together at Auckland’s Parachute Studios.

“There have been many requests and covers since the release of “Slice of Heaven” in 1986 but I’ve never been tempted to join a rework the track,” Dobbyn explained. “Then Coterie began posting their live performances of the song and social media pulled us together. I really enjoyed our time in the studio. Great people…. top blokes.” he added.

It’s a wonderful meeting of New Zealand music past and present, and also feels like a pivotal moment in Coterie’s career. It doesn’t come much bigger than getting the official seal of approval to reimagine “Slice of Heaven” by Sir Dave Dobbyn.

“Surreal if we’re honest,” was how Coterie described the collaboration. “Local boys forever, but this one is for the history books.”

Coterie’s “Slice of Heaven” (ft. Sir Dave Dobbyn) is out now.