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Christine and the Queens Drops Synth-Pop Stunner ‘People, I’ve Been Sad’

French pop heroine shot clip at suave Colors Studio

Christine and the Queens, a.k.a. French pop singer Hélöise Letissier, released a new single called “People, I’ve Been Sad,” accompanied by a sleek video.

Shot at New York’s Circles Studio — a suave, minimalistic space that features artists against saturated backgrounds — the clip features Letissier singing against a striking violet backdrop. “It’s true that people I’ve been sad,” she sings into the microphone, wearing a powder blue silk suit and white glam-rock platform shoes. “It’s true that people I’ve been gone/It’s true that people I’ve been missing out.”

She takes the second verse in French, as the synth-pop beat pulsates behind her vocals. “You know the feeling, you know the feeling,” she repeats, dramatically moving her hands up and down with every line.

Letissier released her second record, Chris, in 2018. She recently collaborated with Charli XCX on her song “Gone,” which appeared on the pop star’s 2019 LP Charli.

“I love the idea of constantly altering yourself,” she told Rolling Stone of Chris. “I saw the muscles surface. I was high on the thought of being altered. From record to record you see someone shedding skin. I’m announcing to myself a second stage of freedom, which is a bit more widened and scary and exciting.”