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Cherry Glazerr Conjure a ‘Big Bang’ on New Song

Track marks L.A. band’s first of 2021, follows December offering, “Rabbit Hole”

Los Angeles rock outfit Cherry Glazerr have released a new song, “Big Bang.”

The track is a concise bit of alt-rock craftsmanship, packing a sprawling universe into its sub-three minute runtime. “Big Bang” swells effortlessly from a dreamy simmer to an expansive peak flecked with synths as frontwoman Clementine Creevy belts, “I still call you when I need escaping/You go on and on and on and on and on/Catching everything I’ve thrown at you/Forgetting all the bad shit that I’ve done.”

Clementine said of the song, per Brooklyn Vegan: “I wanted to give it a sort of early ‘aughts pop production feel, with the interplay between the acoustic guitar figure and the bass synth and the 808 hits during the choruses. The lyrics came from feeling like I was growing apart from someone who was close to me in my life, and the song is essentially about heartache, but it’s euphoric at the same time. That’s what I like about it — the intensity of those very personal feelings paired with a sort of huge, exposed energy. I feel like I was able to let a lot out with this song. It feels really special to me.”

“Big Bang” marks Cherry Glazerr’s first song of 2021, following “Rabbit Hole,” which they released back in December. The group’s most recent album, Stuffed and Ready, arrived in 2019.

From Rolling Stone US